السبت، 21 أبريل 2012

Urgent: UAE: Arrest of Sheikh Dr. Sultan Al Qasimi, the Chairman of Islah

Today, Friday 20th of April 2012, the United Arab Emirates Security Authorities arrested Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Kayed Al Qasimi, in Ras Al Khahima, without an arrest warrant.
Dr. Sultan is the cousin of the Rular of Ras Al Khaimah and the Chairman of the Islah Association in UAE. He is considered as one of the highest figures that the security authorities in the countries arrest. It's believed that his arrest is due to his position as the Chariman of the Islah association, which many of its members were detained lately in UAE after revoking the citizenship of some of them.

الخميس، 12 أبريل 2012

Lawyer of the Seven Detainees: Stripping of Nationalities Unconstitutional

A lawyer for the six Islamist activists, the UAE authorities stripped their citizenships last year for demanding political reform, said that the Emirates arrested on Monday.
The United Arab Emirates, a major oil exporter, avoided popular uprisings that toppled the heads of four Arab countries since last year, partly due to its system of social welfare, thuogh did not appear little tolerance to opposition at home.
Prison sentences issued against activists demanding the expansion of powers of an elected council. Meanwhile, The UAE canceled in December the nationality of six citizens describing them a threat to UAE national security.

Detention of UAE Citizens whose nationalities withdrawn later

The UAE nationals, exposed to the security decree that cancelled their nationalities, have been called to the headquarters of the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. There, they were asked to sign a paper requires them to search for another nationality because of the security allegation that their presence in the country is illegal and all will be arrested.
The six citizens rejected to sign this pledge because no formal decision issued regarding the cancellation of their nationalities.
Thereafter, officials in the department decided to arrest the six men and put them in the prison of Al-Shahama.
To read more about those citizens:

الاثنين، 2 أبريل 2012

UAE Youth and the State Security Service – analytical view

Twitter has been the field of unprecedented movement by UAE youth who face violations of the State Security Service in the UAE. We have with this movement some comments as follows:
First, the mediator in the Gulf issues finds that the youth of the UAE, in particular, were able to expose the practices and violations of Security service of UAE- which take the methods of the Security services in Egypt and Tunisia. The talk about freedom, rights, justice, dignity and being free from the security grip are the goals of the UAE youth that shows that dignity is not just services to be provided to the citizens but it is deeper than this, as it is represented in the rights of citizenship.

A view in the UAE Nationality Law

December 29, 2011
A widespread debate has been stated extensively regarding the validity of the decision to withdraw or drop the nationality of the UAE seven citizens. The ongoing dispute is not on the legal materials contained in the Nationality Law and UAE passports. But it is concentrating on the interpretation of these materials and their applicability to the current cases as well as lack of awareness of many of the non-professionals of the importance of required procedures for the implementation of any law, and that the lack of application of these procedures gradually with proper and ways dates, and provided by the law itself, makes it imperative to occur in the category of invalidity, and makes it subject to be appealed. Thus the decision becomes as it was released due to wrong procedures.

For the dignity of the citizen

Doctor: Sultan Bin Kayed Al Qassimi
I only want reform and beg only Allah for help
In Him I trust and unto Him I turn
These days, the UAE is witnessing an unprecedented, intellectual juridical and dynamic movement, since the release of a decree to drop the nationality of six citizens of the UAE, and the seventh one was before them. Those seven citizens were known for their service to their country and advocates of social reform. The most prominent stage which illustrates this movement is the online arena, which became the default Tahrir Square for the youth of UAE to defend their civil rights. The movement is divided into two opposing forces on two fronts; one of them views the inadmissibility of withdrawing the citizenship from these seven. This front is led by a group of people from various intellectual spectrums, including the seven of reform advocates. The second front view that it is a must to comply fully with the decree and that those seven deserve this punishment, even if it is too tough. This front is led by a group of the state security apparatus, especially those who are responsible for the fight against the intellectual streams in society.

Emirates ....... from the state security service to the security of the nation!

Dr. Mohammed Abdul Karim al-Amiri
UAE Ambassador
Few weeks ago, our beloved UAE completed the fourth decade of its glorious union. It may be a short period in the reconstruction of countries, but if it was measured by its achievements, it would be really very long. Its regime has succeeded in performing a lot of achievements, ranging from the political unification of its entities to the outstanding success of building up the Emirati people and their welfare. The ruling families have provided UAE citizens a unified country and began the process of building up their country voluntarily and not based on any popular pressure or claims. These achievements come to strengthen the cohesion between the historical rulers of the country and their fellow citizens that has been established over hundreds of years. We would like to alert the supervisors to the state security service that this national heritage of those rulers is being subjected to systematic distortion due to the practices of some employees of the security service. Some of those who are affiliated to this device security have invested the security risks that threatened the world in recent years to control all aspects of the state and its internal and external institutions. Consequently, it is undoubtedly a great risk threatening the safety of the country and its social security. These risks are doubled and increased if we realize that the security agency exercises its activity based on false premise regarding the nature and the fact of danger that threatens our homeland. As a matter of fact, continuation of these practices will jeopardize our country rather than protecting it. Also, these policies will make the UAE more vulnerable to external risks.

You are not Diaky, dear advocates of reform!

By: Ibrahim bin Omar Al Sakran
When I recognized this painful comparison, I said to myself: “Your problem is that you are not Diaky, advocates of reform!”
Praise be to Allah, and then,
The jurist Sheikh Muhammad Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Siddiq (a member of the World Association of Muslim Scholars and a member of the Islamic Banking Committees), the renowned scholar Dr. Ali Al Hammadi (Head of Center of Creative Thinking), and their fellow brothers Dr. Shaheen Al Hosni (specialist in library science), and Hassan Al Jabri (specialist in charitable work), and Hussein Al Jabri (educational expert), and Ibrahim Al Marzouqi (educational expert), this group are Emirate effective actors, and they are members of the Association of Reform and Social Guidance in the UAE, an official big association headed by Sheikh Sultan Bin Kayed Al Qassimi, and it is the most powerful institutions for advocacy in the UAE. Some of these actors (Siddiqui, Al Hammadi and Al Hosni) participated in signing a letter to Sheikh Khalifa in March 2011, calling him for carrying out fundamental political reforms related to the expansion of popular participation.

Withdrawal of nationality: security folly or state policy?!

By: Jassem Rashed Al Shamsi
Posted on 29 December 2011
Withdrawal of nationality: security folly or state policy?!
It is a bad news, circulated on social networks, some satellite channels, and asserted later by an official statement issued by the General Department for Naturalization and Residence and Ports, that the nationality of "six" citizens was withdrawn. Some web sites reported that they are seven citizens, as the statement did not contain Ahmed Ghaith Al Suwaidi, an Islamist activist.

الثلاثاء، 27 مارس 2012

Detention of UAE Activist, Ahmed Ghaith Al-Suwaidi, in Continous Counter-reform Crackdowns

Detention of UAE Activist, Ahmed Ghaith Al-Suwaidi, in Continous Counter-reform Crackdowns
Some informed resources told (WATAN) that the security authorities in the United Arab Emirates have arrested UAE activist Ahmed bin Ghaith Al Suwaidi in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi in a petrol station there, according to the resources. The arrest took about two hours and a half, due to the refusal of the activist Bin Ghaith to comply with the order of detention calling the security personnel for showing the prosecution warrant.

الأحد، 11 مارس 2012

Statement by Dawat Al-Islah on the arrest of the Reformist Saleh al-Dhufairy

Statement by Dawat Al-Islah
on the arrest of the Reformist Saleh al-Dhufairy

As a continuation to the not-yet-stopped series of violations against reformists inside the UAE, Dubai Security Service (DSS) arrested the reformist Sheikh Saleh al-Dhufairy in the late evening on Monday, March 5, 2012. We, in Dawat Al-Islah, and backed by the freemen and activists in our homeland, condemn this arbitrary security detention against al-Dhufairy specially, as we condemn all actions taken by the security apparatus against the citizens of the UAE ranging from withdrawal of nationalities to other inhumane harassments.
What happened to Sheikh al-Dhufairy this time from the Dubai Security Service will not derail Dawat Al-Islah and its advocates from their adherence towards realization of human and social rights; no matter how great the sacrifices and pains are. We, in Dawat Al-Islah, emphasize on the necessity of the immediate release of Al-Dhufairy without any delay.

The Association of Sunni scholars

The Association of Sunni scholars received news on the withdrawal of the citizenship of a number of advocates of reform in the United Arab Emirates, as various rights groups did, with much sorrow and condemnation. The charges of the inflicted citizens are all about their affiliation to the UAE Society of Reform and Social Guidance, as well as some of them co-signed a petition raised to the head of state calling for reforms in the legislature of the state, so that to engineer democratic elections for the national Council, and to assume its role with full powers. Publicly, they have been accused that they represent a threat to the national security of the United Arab Emirates, as well as charged of association with "suspicious" organizations and personalities on the regional and international levels, and links to some suspicious organizations and associations included in the United Nations lists of combating the financing of terrorism; added to other indictment panels.

Nationalities of the UAE Citizens… Between Stripping and Dropping!

Nationalities of the UAE Citizens… Between Stripping and Dropping!
By Muhammad Saleh Al Mansouri
Exceeding the limits and definitions of shock, human rights arena in the UAE has witnessed what’s far from being a setback, represented in the violation of the basic rights of six UAE human rights, social, cultural, religious and administrative activists by dropping their Emirati citizenship.
This infringement on the right of these great men is unjustifiable and has no explanation on the legal, constitutional and juristic levels; as well as lacking support or satisfaction of any level in the national fabric ranging from the senior leading elite to the UAE citizens and freemen who expressed their intense anger and discontent.
This poorly-discussed and irresponsible action requires a serious and decisive attitude by all the citizens in the United Arab Emirates to put an end once and forever for these serious forms of violation of the basic rights of the citizen of the UAE, and put an ultimate end to the previous setbacks in human rights which will only lead to an increase in grievances and maximizing the number of the oppressed people.

الأحد، 12 فبراير 2012

Sit-in opposite London UAE embassy counteracting restriction of public freedoms in UAE

Sit-in opposite London UAE embassy counteracting restriction of public freedoms in UAE

Express News
Wednesday, 8 February 2012
London – QudsPress

Emirati and Arab students organized on Wednesday 8/2/2012 a protest in front of the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in the British capital, London, remonstrating the "restrictions enforced on public freedoms in the UAE," and denunciating the act by UAE authorities stripping seven Emirati citizens of their nationalities, on the background of their demands for reform .
The protestors called upon the UAE authorities "to repeal the decisions recently taken for restricting public freedoms and violating human rights as well as infringing the human dignity; that are absolutely embodied in the confiscation of most of the working non-profit organizations and changing their elected boards of directors and putting them all under the guardianship of the authorities". The protestors drew the attention to the fact that these decisions harmed a number of associations, including teachers and bar associations along with the Association of Reform and Social Guidance, Student Union, New Muslim Care Society, Social Guidance Association and Fishermen's Association added to some Qur’anic institutes and other student organizations.
The protestors distributed publications to the public in which they figured out that their protest in front of the embassy also for denunciating the UAE authorities’ decision to strip seven UAE citizens of their nationalities, arguing that "this exposes them and their families to the most inhuman punishments, i.e., stripping of identity."
They elaborated that stripping the seven citizens of their nationalities was accompanied by a freeze on all things related to their circles of interests, and periling the interests of their families and children under the same decree. Added to their passion due to this decision, they cannot work in the public and private sectors, all their salaries and real-estate properties frozen, and commercial licenses, identity cards, driving licenses, medical treatment cards and passports have been all withdrawn along with other papers. Worth mentioning, all these episodes of tragedy happened on the background of a petition filed by Emirati elite to the President of the UAE in the past year calling for a fully-fledged national assembly."
The student protesters affirmed they will continue in their protest in front of the UAE embassy in London, while the option of expanding these protests will be on board, "unless the UAE authorities decline their decisions, and rehabilitate all those affected by these draconian decisions," they said.
Vienna-based “Friends of Humanity International” has earlier considered the decision removing the UAE citizenship from six Emirati citizens, "of the UAE most public figures known for their reformative attitudes" an illegal step involving "a gross violation of international human rights covenants."
Whereas the Istanbul-based International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) expressed its serious concern regarding the decision of the UAE authorities to withdraw citizenships from six public figures, appealing the UAE President Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan for rapid intervention to resolve that injustice done against those " prominent thinkers, reform advocates and leaders of opinion," adding that a "human injustice" such that would tarnish the reputation of the UAE.

الاثنين، 30 يناير 2012

International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO) Statement

An urgent appeal regarding the withdrawal of nationalities of some UAE reforming scholars and preachers

We, in the International Islamic Federation of Student Organizations (IIFSO), received with great dismay and concern the media reports about the withdrawal of national citizenships from a number of Emirati public figures, scholars, preachers and reform advocates by the government of the United Arab Emirates.
We then shared a thought with many observers that there is something wrong either in the news itself or a hasty bureaucratic action by state employees has been already taken and would be corrected soon. We, and some human rights organizations and freemen worldwide, waited a formal denial to the news or that bureaucratic error being corrected, but nothing happened until the release of this statement and therefore we direct this letter to the following:

The Gulf Centre for Human Rights Statement

UAE: The UAE Authorities Should Repeal Withdrawal of Nationality of 6 Reform Advocates

Beirut, 29 December, 2011 – The Gulf Centre for Human Rights expresses deep concern over the decision issued by the authorities in the United Arab Emirates to withdraw nationality from six advocates of reform who are:
  1. Sheikh Mohammad Abdul Razak Al-Sediq / Member of the International Union of Muslim Scholars
  2. Dr. Ali Hussain Al-Hammadi / Chairman of the Center for Creative Thinking
  3. Dr. Shahin Abdullah Al-Haosni / Expert of Libraries and Information
  4. Mr. Hussein Munif Al-Jabri / Academic and Educational Expert     
  5. Mr. Hassan Munif Al-Jabri / Founder and an Expert in Charity Work
  6. Mr. Ibrahim Hassan Al-Marzouqi / Learning and Educational Professor 

Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination Statement

Sawaseya: Nationality Withdrawal from 6 UAE Citizens Contravenes Global Conventions and Treaties

Sawaseya Centre for Human Rights and Anti-Discrimination expresses its deep surprise regarding the extreme decision of the UAE authorities to strip 6 Emirati citizens from their national citizenships. Those men are as follows: Hussein Munif Abdullah Hassan Al Jabri, Hassan Munif Abdullah Hassan Al Jabri, Ibrahim Hassan Ali Hassan Al Marzouqi, Shaheen Abdullah Mal-Allah Haidar Al Hosni , Ali Hussein Ahmed Ali Al Hammadi, and Mohamed Abdul-Raziq Mohammad Siddiq Al-Obaidli. The UAE government claimed that they represent a threat to the national security, as well as accusing them of having close links to regional and international organizations and figures who are included in the UN lists of Combating the Financing of Terrorism; punishing activists demanding political reform in their country in this way is considered as a rare and never-witnessed step in the Arab world for five decades ago.

Friends of Humanity International Organization Statement

Withdrawing Citizenship from UAE citizens…
a big violation to be repealed

The government of the United Arab Emirates has withdrawn the citizenships of six Emirati citizens who are public figures in their homeland striving for better reforms. Depriving these citizens from their civil rights of citizenship is being considered an unprecedented step and an aggressive violation to the UAE commitments in the domain of human rights.   
Since Friends of Humanity International Organization totally condemns this decision, it confirms that such decision is unauthorized or legalized locally or globally as it contradicts with the commitments of human and civil rights that can never been justified.

The "Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe" Statement

Withdrawal of the citizenship of UAE figures…
a surprising step requires revisit

The "Federation of Islamic Organizations in Europe" received with great surprise the reports around the withdrawal of citizenship of six public figures in the United Arab Emirates.
We were actually shocked because these public figures are known with good reputation, eminent social status and high respect within the UAE and abroad. Those men are symbols of the rising UAE society, and from the Emirati intellectual elite whose national and humanitarian positions are indisputable along with their prominence in scientific, academic and educational aspects and in social service as a whole that is already decided. Those pioneers, have been actually known within the ranks of the best delegates for the UAE and its people wherever they in the world, due to their cultural and social appearances.

The Arab Youth Association in Europe Statement

H.E. The Ambassador of the United Arab Emirates to Britain, Mr. Abdul-Rahman Ghanem Al Mutaiwee….

    The Arab Youth Association in Europe Would like to express its deep regret and concern regarding the decisions taken by Your government which are all contrary to entire global norms and conventions that preserve human right of expression and calling for reform as well as protect the right of citizenship and work and keeping all of these rights untouched or being threaten..

The Second statement of UAE'S 7 citizens

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Beneficent

Praise be to Allah and prayers and peace be upon the best of God's creations, our Prophet Muhammad, along with his family and righteous companions. And then:

We, Emirati advocates of reform who have been deprived of their nationalities, face now false charges and fabricated accusations, attributed to an official source in the General Department of Citizenship, Residency and Ports, accuses us of threatening the national security of our nation and engagement with suspicious regional and international organizations and figures, as well as alleging some of us are linked to organizations and associations enrolled on the UN lists of Combating the Financing of Terrorism (CFT). These false accusations against us are pure fabrications we redundantly heard from the corrupt security services agents and unfaithful prosecutors everywhere in the countries of tyranny and dictatorship which have been all thrown into the dustbin of history. There is no doubt that these accusations added more credibility to what we have mentioned in our previous statement regarding the unfairness of these charges which have been denounced by all legal and human rights institutions, international and regional organizations and the dignitaries at home and abroad in the last few days. This is because we are just advocates of reform belonging to the Association of Reform & Social Guidance in this beloved country, in addition to demanding reform of the legislative authority of the state's poor Advisory-Legislative body, which is not commensurate with the level of cultural, scientific and mental level of our compatriots and the historic march of our country nor suits the Arab and Gulf environments.

The First statement of UAE'S 7 citizens

In the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Beneficent

Praise be to Allah and prayers and peace be upon the best of God's creations, our Prophet Muhammad, along with his family and righteous companions. And then:

We, the signatories of this statement, have been exposed to inequitable and illegal procedure that is contrary to the essential human rights as well as the state's constitution and legislations, which is the withdrawal of our nationalities. Actually, the common factor between all of us is our affiliation as reformists to the Association of Reform & Social Guidance whose board of directors has been dissolved and, as a reaction, a case has been filed for lifting the ban imposed on it; the procedures of litigation are still underway. In addition to this, some of the undersigned have signed on a petition submitted to the president of the state demands reformative procedures in the legislative authority so as to prepare the climate for a wholesome parliamentary election which brings about a parliament with full authorities later on.